Music is also used for advertising purposes!

Music can be used differently in various circumstances! The presence of music alone, can influence and affect someone’s actions or decisions. Music can be used as a means for someone to relax and express his/her thoughts or feelings in a more creative and emotional way! “Images tend to conjure up words in our heads while … More Music is also used for advertising purposes!

My blog experience

Writing about classical music and opera in this blog, it was a great experience. I was finally able to share with everyone my own experience and how music has affected me in my daily life. The images and videos, helped me portray visually what words can’t convey! While I was writing the last post talking … More My blog experience

My music experience

I will never forget the feeling of excitement and satisfaction after each performance, no matter how anxious I may feel. My life has changed, after performing in public a piano piece or by singing an opera score. Now, I am not anxious and my vocal range has been improved and I sing with great confidence … More My music experience

Music … in general

“What is music for you?” a young girl asked me few years ago. I smiled. Then I told her “Everything”. Music is a great opportunity to be transformed to anyone you may like. You may become a protagonist from the musical Phantom of the opera or a weird looking character from the Rocky Horror Show. Musical sounds can be found everywhere. … More Music … in general


Glee is actually defined as “Opening yourself up to joy.” Glee series, is one of my favourite series. I really like it because it represents what I really like and what I want to become. From an early age I dreamt of being part of a huge production and hear everyone’s applause at the end … More Glee